Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dear you
I started writing this last week but stopped thinking that somethings might change.Ohh how wrong i was.I didn't follow through.BUT this time t's final.I have had time to think clearly and i see it ALL.
When i first met you i thought you were a true gentle in everysense of the word.BUT soon enough you showed me your true colours.I on the other hand,decided not to listen and convinced myself that you liked me and could one day feel for me what i was feeling for you.SILLY SILLY ME!!.All you ever wanted was to fuck me.Some of your actions showed me so,but i decided not to listen. "When someone shows you who they are,believe them the first time"was thrown out the window when it came to my dealings with you.
I was foolish,i kept lying to mysekf about who you are,and what you wanted fom me.You just see me as a pussy!.For some reason i didn't want to believe that.
Lately i have been insecure and let things blind me.I let my hunger for intimacy,my need for validation and ,my desire to be loved blind me.BUT no more!!
I know my worth.I'm a decent,loving,funnyloveable beautiful young woman.Any man would be lucky to have me in their lives.
Today i say no more!no more !no more!!You are no longer welcome to my thoughts,my body.I will no longer go around hoping to bump into you.
Sincerely ,